Life Skills for the Real World (Book + Digital Course)

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Is your child ready to navigate the world on their own? Do they have a plan for the next stage of life? Do they even understand what that looks like?

We created Life Skills for the Real World to guide them as they transition from dependency to responsibility. This is the perfect time to introduce these lessons that build upon the foundation you’ve already laid. It will not only open up dialogue, but it will also inspire collaboration within your family.

PCF LSFTRW Coursebook

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The course starts Friday, August 22, 2020

*This is the online component to Life Skills for the Real World, a PCF Academy career exploration and life-skills planning course designed for high school students and young adults.

Topics for this course

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Welcome (Video)
Part 1
Part 2

Unit I: Vision

Unit II: Careers and Money

Unit III: The Exchange

Unit IV: Planning

Final Assessment

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